Euthanasia Services for Pets

Part of life is knowing that death is inevitable, even for your furry friends. At NVVH we believe that end-of-life care should be prioritized just like every other stage of your pet’s life. When the time comes, our team is here to help guide you through this emotional and difficult time.   

What happens during euthanasia?

During euthanasia a medication is given to your pet to end their life. Sometimes a sedative is given before the veterinarian administers the medicine intravenously. Once the medication is given, it begins to shut down your pet’s brain and heart function within minutes. 

When should I start considering end of life care for my pet?

Through the years of living with your pet you’ve learned their behaviours and normal health levels. When things start to change you’ll notice. From your perspective you may notice your pet doesn’t want to play, sleeps a lot more, seems depressed, hides and is constantly losing weight. During your pet’s veterinary exams all of the differences you notice should be brought to the attention of the vet. We will run tests to determine the state of your pet’s health. Our team can spot when your senior or chronically ill pet has entered the final stages of their life. If your pet is diagnosed with a terminal illness, our veterinarians will create a hospice care plan for them. Hospice (palliative) care is not a physical place but refers to the strategies implemented to ensure a pet’s final days are comfortable. Palliative care is suggested for pets who are not expected to live more than a few months, this also gives owners time to make a decision about euthanasia and spend quality time with their pet.

What can I do to make my pet’s final days comfortable?

When your pet reaches the last stage of their life they might experience more pain and discomfort. With the right veterinarian all the issues your pet has will be considered when creating a care plan. Our doctors are experts at palliative care and aim to make your loyal companion’s final days more pleasant. Our team may prescribe medications for pain or suggest dietary changes and more human interaction. During these days your pet may be more withdrawn and spend more time in bed which is why it’s important to show them more love. It’s important their bed is well-cushioned and comfortable to prevent pressure sores. Administer any medication prescribed by the veterinarian and surround them with toys that make them happy.

Can euthanasia be performed at home?

Yes, we can perform euthanasia in the privacy of your home. (Please note this service is subject to change as per pandemic restrictions.) We aim to make the process as smooth and comfortable for our clients and patients.