Surgical Services for Pets

NVVH can provide your pet with any surgery they will need at any stage of their life. Our facility has a high-spec surgery suite with all the equipment needed to diagnose and treat your pet. We offer years of experience from our licensed veterinarians and technicians who are dedicated to providing the highest quality care.

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Is anesthesia/surgery safe for my pet?

Yes, anesthesia is safe for your pet. Before any surgery we perform diagnostics to determine the safe dosage for them. We look at your pet’s overall health, their history, and age and breed when deciding if surgery with anesthesia is safe. During the surgery, our registered veterinary technicians monitor your pet’s blood pressure, oxygen, heart rate and their temperature – all of which tells us how well your pet is doing under the anesthesia. 

What surgeries are offered at your hospital?

Our hospital offers a wide variety of surgical procedures to improve your pet’s life. We perform routine and advanced procedures safely at our hospital. We offer spays and neuters, foreign objects removal surgery, dental surgery, bladder stone removal and lumpectomies. For more complex procedures like orthopedic conditions we refer patients to a specialist.

How can I care for my pet after surgery?

Recovering from a procedure takes time and extra care to avoid any post-op problems. Your veterinarian will provide medications to reduce pain and make recommendations on how to care for your pet. In general our team will suggest the following to help relax your pet:

  • Monitoring their temperature: If your pet’s body temperature is below average adding blankets or heated pads can help them feel more comfortable.
  • Give them a more cushioned bed: If your pet will spend time in their bed and if they’ve had an incision on their abdomen or back, they should sleep straight instead of rolled up.
  • Encourage them to eat: You may be instructed to administer some of their medications with food. Most pets may not want to eat the first few days after their procedure, but they need food to keep up their strength.
  • Keep them relaxed: Avoid bothering them to move around especially the day they come home for recovery.

How long will it take for my pet to recover from their surgery?

Recovery time depends on the type of procedure. Your pet may take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to heal from abdominal surgeries or up to 5 months to recover from orthopedic surgeries. To speak with our team about your pet’s upcoming procedure, please call us at 705-434-2226.

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