Ultrasound and X-ray Services for Pets

Diagnostics allow our team to get a clear picture of your pet’s overall health. Our hospital offers both ultrasounds and X-rays that give veterinarians a look at your pet’s internal structures and organs without the need for surgery. Our team members are certified and experienced to perform ultrasounds and X-rays and accurately interpret the results to diagnose your pet. We conduct scans in-house which means we can provide results in a timely manner. To learn more about our diagnostic services, please call us at 705-434-2226.

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What are ultrasounds and X-rays?

Radiology (X-ray) scans use a small amount of radiation to generate pictures. At our hospital we use digital radiology which is more advanced as it creates images immediately on a computer. X-rays are used to examine and detect conditions like arthritis, spinal cord disease, fractures, tumours, periodontal disease, gallstones and foreign objects.

Ultrasounds use sound waves to examine soft tissue inside your pet. To perform ultrasounds our trained veterinary technicians will shave the area of interest and apply a gel. A wand is used to emit sound waves that echo and bounce off internal structures creating an image that’s shown on a computer. We use ultrasounds to examine organs like the liver, bladder, heart and kidneys. Ultrasounds are also used to detect pregnancies.

Do pets need to be sedated during X-ray scans?

This depends on your pet’s behaviour and the area that needs to be scanned. If your pet is anxious or if they have to be placed in an awkward position for scans we may sedate them. Sedation allows us to get the best images and avoid any stress for your pet.

Are X-rays safe for my pet?

Yes, X-rays are safe for your loyal companion. Our hospital has digital radiology equipment which uses 70% less radiation than traditional X-rays. It’s highly unlikely that your pet will develop any conditions even after repeated exposure from X-rays.

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