Veterinary Exam

Each year your pet’s body goes through far more changes than you do, this is because pets age faster than humans. To ensure that none of these changes are missed your pet needs veterinary exams. From the time your pet joins your family they need to have regular health checkups with a licensed veterinarian.

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What does a veterinary exam include?

Veterinary exams are like doctor’s checkups. Our team will do a full physical examination to learn more about your pet’s health. The veterinarian will begin by inspecting your pet’s fur, nails and paws for signs of illness. They may also use a stethoscope to listen to their heart and lungs. Other checks may be conducted depending on what the doctor finds.

What happens if my pet is diagnosed with a disease?

If our tests show that your pet has an illness we will work with you to create a treatment plan. We also take time to discuss the necessary information about your pet’s illness. We may recommend some lifestyle changes like exercise, special diets, medications or surgery to reduce the effects of your pet’s condition. Whatever the illness is you can count on our team to provide suitable treatment for your pet. To schedule a veterinary exam for your pet, reach out to us at 705-434-2226.

How often does my pet need a veterinary exam?

All pets need at least one veterinary examination each year. With routine visits your veterinarian can keep tabs on your pet’s well-being. If your pet is older they need two health exams per year because they are prone to developing diseases. Kittens and puppies are also vulnerable to more diseases since they haven’t built up much immunity; they need about three veterinary exams every year.

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